Alaska Pacific Steamship Co.

American Banner Lines

American Hawaiian Steamship Co.

Associated Humber Lines

Baltic Shipping Co.

Bergen Line

Bore Line

British & Continental Lines

British India Steam Navigation Co.

Caledonian Steam Packet Co.

China Merchants Steam Navigation Co.

Clan Line

Clyde Shipping Co. (UK)

Compagnie de Navigation Paquet

Compañía de Navegación Interoceánica

Compañía Marítima

Dampskibsselskabet paa Bornholm af 1866

Denis Frères

Deutsche Ost-Afrika-Linie/Deutsche Afrika-Linien

Deutsche Levante-Linie

Dubrovačka Parobrodska Plovidba

The East Asiatic Company

Eimskipafélag Íslands

Elder Dempster Lines

Elders & Fyffes

Ellerman & Bucknall Line

Ellerman's Wilson Line

Far Eastern Steamship Co.

Gdynia America Line

Geest Line


Hamburg Atlantic Line

Hellenic International Lines

Holland West Africa Line

Holland-Zuid-Afrika Lijn

Houlder Line

Ignazio Messina & C.

Iino Lines

Below is a list of shipping companies with images of timetables/sailing lists on this website. (Also companies mentioned only in the shipping in 1971 section have been included.)

Basically, the website shows images of the front covers of the timetables/sailing lists. However, in addition there are often images of the interior of the timetables or of other brochures/booklets. Such images may show the actual sailing schedules (or excerpts) or exterior and interior photos/illustrations of ships used.

A few words about the shipping company pages:
The shipping company name in the heading of each page reflects the name of the company at the time of the publication of the newest brochure displayed.
Ports of call listed for each company (or route) are those stated in the brochures. All ports were not always stated, so my listings may be incomplete. However, to keep a straight line, even if I know calls were made at more ports, I only list those mentioned in the brochures. Furthermore, ports were normally called at in reverse order on return voyages, unless otherwise stated (if known).
The names of the ports/cities normally reflect the times when the brochures were published. This also goes for spelling and/or transliteration. E.g., Bombay is used instead of present-day Mumbai. English names/spelling have been used throughout with few exceptions. E.g., Naples is used instead of Napoli.

*** List of shipping companies grouped by geographic region and country. ***

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Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line
Aberdeen Line
Aberdeen, Newcastle & Hull Steam Co.
Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.
Adelaide Steamship Co.
Administration de la Marine
The Admiral Line (Pacific Steamship Co.)
Admiral Oriental Line
Adriatica Line
A.F. Klaveness & Co. (Klaveness Line)
African Steam Ship Co.
AGWI Lines
Ahlmann Transcaribbean Line (no sailing lists)
Ålandslinjen (Rederi AB Slite)
Alaska Cruise Lines
Alaska Marine Highway
Alaska Pacific Steamship Co.
Alaska Steamship Co. (The Alaska Line)
Alaska Transportation Co. - ATCO
Alcoa Steamship Co.
Alexandria Navigation Co.
Alfred Holt & Co. (Blue Funnel Line)
Allan Line
Aloha Pacific Cruises
Aluminum Line
American & Indian Line, see Ellerman & Bucknall Line
American & Manchurian Line, see Ellerman & Bucknall Line
American Banner Lines
American Caribbean Line
American Export Isbrandtsen Lines
American Export Lines
American-Hawaiian Steamship Co.
American Hawaii Cruises
American India Line, see Roosevelt Steamship Co.
American Line
American Mail Line
American Merchant Lines
American Oriental Mail Line
American Pioneer Line, see United States Lines
American President Lines
American Republics Line
American Scantic Line
American South African Line
American West African Line (no sailing lists)
Anchor-Donaldson Line
Anchor Line (UK)
Anchor Line (USA)
Anek Lines
Ångfartygs AB Gotland
Anglo-Estonian Shipping Co., see United Baltic Corporation
Anglo-Latvian Shipping Co., see United Baltic Corporation
Anglo-Lithuanian Shipping Co., see United Baltic Corporation
ANRO Consortium, see Nedlloyd Lines
Ann Arbor Railroad
A-O Line (Australian-Oriental Line)
Arendals Dampskibsselskab - ADS
Argentine Lines (ELMA)
Argentine State Line (Flota Mercante del Estado)
Argo Line
Ariadne Cruise Lines
Armagua Line
Armasal Line
Armement Deppe (no sailing lists)
Arnold Bernstein Line
Arosa Line
Arrow Line (no sailing lists)
Arya National Shipping Lines
ASCL - Australia-Straits Container Line, see Nedlloyd Lines
Associated Humber Lines
Atlantic Australian Line, see Roosevelt Steamship Co.
Atlantic Cruise Line
Atlantic, Gulf & West Indies Steamship Lines (AGWI Lines)
Atlantic Steam Navigation Co.
Atlantic Transport Line
AUSN - Australasian United Steam Navigation Co.
Austasia Line (no sailing lists)
Australian Commonwealth Line
Australian National Line
Australian-Oriental Line (A-O Line)
Australian Steamships (Howard Smith)
Australia-West Pacific Line (no sailing lists)
Austrian Lloyd (Lloyd Austriaco)
Austro-Americana (Unione Austriaca)
Aznar Line (Naviera Aznar)

Bahama Cruise Lines
Baltic America Line
Baltic Shipping Co. (Baltic Steamship Co.)
Baltimore & Carolina Steamship Co.
Baltimore Mail Line
B&I Line
Bank Line (Indian African Line)
Banning Line (Wilmington Transportation Co.)
Barber-Caribbean Line
Barber Line
Batavier Line
BC Ferries
Belfast Steamship Co.
Belgian African Line (Compagnie Maritime Congolaise)
Belgian Line (Compagnie Maritime Belge)
Belgian Marine Administration (RMT)
Belgian Maritime Transport Authority (RMT)
Belgian State Railway & Mail Packet Service
Ben Line
Bergen Line (Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab - BDS)
Bermuda-Atlantic Steamship Co.
Bernstein Red Star Line
Bibby Line
Black Ball Ferry Line
Black Ball Line (Puget Sound Navigation Co./Black Ball Ferries)
Black Ball Transport
Black Diamond Lines
Black Sea Shipping Co. (Black Sea Steamship Co.)
Black Star Line
Bland Line
Blue Funnel Line
Blue Star Ferries
Blue Star Line
Bohuslänska Kusten
Booth Line
Bore Line (Höyrylaiva Oy Bore/Ångfartygs Ab Bore)
Bornholmsfærgen af 1962
Boston & Yarmouth Steamship Co. (Yarmouth Line)
Bowerman Shipping (no sailing lists)
Bristol City Line (no sailing lists)
British & African Steam Navigation Co.
British & Continental Lines (R. & J. Thomas)
British & Irish Steam Packet Co. (B&I Line)
British India Steam Navigation Co. - B.I.
British Rail (Sealink)
British Rail Hovercraft (Seaspeed)
British Railways
British United Airways (hovercraft service)
Brittany Ferries
Brocklebank Line (no sailing lists)
Brodin Line (no sailing lists)
Bruns & Co., W. (no sailing lists)
Bullard King & Co. (Natal Line)
Bull Lines
Burns, G. & J.
Burns & Laird Lines
Burns, Philp & Co.

Cairn-Thomson Line (no sailing lists)
Caledonian Steam Packet Co.
Calmar Line (Calmar Steamship Corporation)
Caminos y Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos
Canada Levant Line (no sailing lists)
Canada Orient Line (no sailing lists)
Canada Steamship Lines
Canadian Australasian Line
Canadian National
Canadian National Steamships
Canadian Northern Steamships (Royal Line)
Canadian Pacific Railway - CPR
Canadian Pacific Steamships
C & B Line
C&O Railway (Chesapeake & Ohio Railway)
Canguro Lines (no sailing lists)
Caribbean Atlantic Lines
Caribbean Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carron Line
Caspian Steamship Co., see Black Sea Shipping Co.
Catalina Island Steamship Line
CAVN - Cía. Anónima Venezolana de Navegación (Venezuelan Line)
Cayzer, Irvine & Co. (Clan Line)
CCN - The Portuguese Line
CGT - Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (French Line)
Chambers & Co., James, see Barber Line
Chandris Lines
Chargeurs Réunis
Chessie System
Chilean Line (Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores - CSAV)
China Mail Steamship Co.
China Merchants Steam Navigation Co. - CMSNC (no sailing lists)
China Navigation Co.
Christensen Canadian African Lines - CCAL
Christian Haaland (Concordia Line) (no sailing lists)
CITRA - Compagnia Italiana Transatlantica
City Line
City of Cork Steam Packet Co.
Clan Line
Clarke Steamship Co.
Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Co. (C & B Line)
Clipper Line
Clyde-Mallory Lines
Clyde Santo Domingo Line, see Clyde Steamship Co.
Clyde Shipping Co.
Clyde Steamship Co.
CMTS - Compagnie Maritime Toulon Sardaigne (no sailing lists)
Coast Lines
Cogedar Line (no sailing lists)
Collins Line (New York & Liverpool United States Mail Steamship Co.)
Colombian Line
Colonial Line
Color Line
Columbus Line
Commodore Cruise Line
Commonwealth & Dominion Line (Port Line)
Compagnia Genovese di Armamento (Cogedar Line) (no sailing lists)
Compagnia Italiana Transatlantica - CITRA
Compagnie Asiatique de Navigation
Compagnie Cotière de l'Annam
Compagnie de Navigation Denis Frères
Compagnie de Navigation Fraissinet
Compagnie de Navigation France-Amérique (no sailing lists)
Compagnie de Navigation Mixte
Compagnie de Navigation Paquet - CNP
Compagnie de Navigation Sud-Atlantique
Compagnie des Croisières Paquet
Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes
Compagnie Fabre SGTM (no sailing lists under this name)
Compagnie Française de Navigation - CFN
Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - CGT (French Line)
Compagnie Maritime Belge (Belgian Line)
Compagnie Maritime Congolaise (Belgian African Line)
Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis
Compagnie Maritime Toulon Sardaigne - CMTS (no sailing lists)
Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime - CPTM
Companhia Colonial de Navegação - CCN
Companhia de Navegação Carregadores Açoreanos (no sailing lists)
Companhia Nacional de Navegação
Compañía Chilena de Navegación Interoceánica (no sailing lists)
Compañía de Industria Marítimas
Compañía Marítima
Compañía Marítima del Nervión (Nervión Line) (no sailing lists)
Compañía Naviera de los Estados de México (Mexican States Line) (no sailing lists)
Compañía Naviera Estrella de Plata (Silver Star Line) (no sailing lists)
Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores - CSAV (Chilean Line)
Compañía Trasatlantica Española (Spanish Line)
Compañía Trasmediterránea
Concordia Line (Christian Haaland) (no sailing lists)
Continental Cruise Lines
Corsica Line (no sailing lists)
Cosmopolitan Line (no sailing lists)
Costa Line
Cosulich Line
CP Rail (Canadian Pacific Railway)
CP Ships (Canadian Pacific Steamships)
Cromwell Steamship Co.
CTC Lines
Cuba Mail Line
Cunard Line
Curnow Shipping
Currie Line
Cyprien Fabre (Fabre Line)
Czechoslovak Ocean Shipping Co. (no sailing lists)

Dafra Line (Det Dansk-Franske Dampskibsselskab) (no sailing lists)
Dahl, A/S Thor
Dampskibsselskabet Øresund
Dampskibsselskabet paa Bornholm af 1866
D & C Lakes Lines
Da-No Linjen (no sailing lists)
Danske Statsbaner - DSB
Danube Steamship Co. (Soviet Danube Steamship Line)
David MacBrayne (MacBrayne's)
DDSG - Erste Donau-Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft
Delta Line
Denis Frères
Denizyolları (Turkish Maritime Lines)
Den norske Amerikalinje (Norwegian America Line)
Den Norske Middelhavslinje (NML - Norwegian Mediterranean Line) (no sailing lists)
Destination Gotland
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab - BDS (Bergen Line)
Det Dansk-Franske Dampskibsselskab (Dafra Line) (no sailing lists)
Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab - NFDS
Det Østasiatiske Kompagni (The East Asiatic Company)
Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co. (D & C Lakes Lines)
Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab - DSD
Deutsche Afrika-Linien
Deutsche Atlantik Linie (German Atlantic Line)
Deutsche Bundesbahn (no sailing lists)
Deutsche Levante-Linie
Deutsche Ost-Afrika-Linie
Deutsche Reichsbahn (no sailing lists)
DFDS Seaways
Ditlev-Simonsen Lines, see Pacific Orient Express Line
Dodero Line (Compañía Argentina de Navegación Dodero)
Dollar Steamship Lines
Dominican Republic Steamship Line
Dominion Atlantic Railway
Dominion Far East Line
Dominion Line (UK)
Dominion Line (Dominion Navigation Co.) (Australia)
Donaldson Atlantic Line
Donaldson Line
Dorian Cruises
DSB - Danske Statsbaner
Dubrovačka Parobrodska Plovidba

E & A Line (Eastern & Australian Steamship Co.)
East and West Steamship Co. (no sailing lists)
The East Asiatic Company (EAC Lines)
Eastern Africa National Shipping Line (no sailing lists)
Eastern Shipping Corporation
Eastern Steamship Lines (old)
Eastern Steamship Lines (post-war)
Eckerö Linjen
Efthy Cruises (Efthy Melina Shipping Co.)
Efthymiadis Lines (no sailing lists)
Egyptian National Line (Egyptian Navigation Co.)
Eimskip (Iceland Steamship Co.)
Elder Dempster Lines
Elders & Fyffes (Fyffes Line)
Ellerman & Bucknall Line
Ellerman Lines
Ellerman's City Line
Ellerman's Wilson Line (Wilson Line)
ELMA - Empresa Líneas Marítimas Argentinas (Argentine Lines)
Emil Offen & Co. (Hanseatische Reederei) (no sailing lists)
Empresa de Navegação Madeirense (no sailing lists)
Empresa Insulana de Navegação - EIN
Empresa Naviera de Cuba
England Sweden Line
Epirotiki Lines
Erie & Western Transportation Co. (Anchor Line)
Erste Donau-Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft - DDSG
Estonian Steamship Co. (no sailing lists)
Europafärjan (Lion Ferry)
Europe-Canada Line
The Export Steamship Corporation (American Export Lines)

Fabre Line (Cyprien Fabre)
FANU (Flota Argentina de Navegación de Ultramar)
Far Eastern Shipping Co. (Far Eastern Steamship Co.)
Faroe Steamship Co. (no sailing lists)
Farrell Lines
Fearnley & Eger (no sailings lists under this name)
Federal-Houlder-Shire Lines
Federal Line (no sailing lists under this name)
Fern-Ville Lines
Finland Steamship Co. (Suomen Höyrylaiva Oy/Finska Ångfartygs Ab)
Finnmark Fylkesrederi og Ruteselskap - FFR
Fjord Line
Flagship Cruises
Flota Argentina de Navegación de Ultramar (FANU)
Flota Mercante del Estado (Argentine State Line)
Flotta Lauro
FMG - Flota Mercante Grancolombiana
Fratelli Grimaldi
Fred. Olsen Line
French Line (CGT - Compagnie Générale Transatlantique)
Fritzen Schiffsagentur und Bereederungs-GmbH (no sailing lists)
Furness Bermuda Line
Furness Prince Line
Furness Red Cross Line
Furness Warren Line
Furness West Indies Line
Furness, Withy & Co.
Fyffes Line

GA Ferries
G. & J. Burns
Gdynia America Line
Gedser-Travemünde Ruten (Moltzau Line)
Geest Line
General Steam Navigation Co.
George Gibson & Co.
Georgian Bay Line
German African Lines (Deutsche Afrika-Linien)
German Atlantic Line (Deutsche Atlantik Linie)
Gibson & Co., George
Glen & Shire Line
Göta Canal Steamship Co.
Göteborg-Frederikshavn-Linjen (Sessan Linjen)
Gotha Line
Grace Line
Great Eastern Railway
Great Lakes Transit Corporation
Great Western Railway, see Southern Railway
Greek Line
Green Line Steamers
Grenaa-Hundested Færgefart
Gribel, Rud. Christ.
Grimaldi-Siosa Lines
G. Sergo & Ko.
Guinea Gulf Line
Guion Line (no sailing lists)
Gulf & South American Steamship Co. - GSA (no sailing lists)
Gulf & Southern Steamship Co.
Gulf Mail Steamship Co. (no sailing lists)

Haaland, Christian (Concordia Line) (no sailing lists)
Hallandsbolaget (Rederi AB Halland & Nornan)
Hall Line
Hamburg-American Line (Hapag)
Hamburg-Atlantic Line
Hamburg-Bremer Afrika-Linie, see Deutsche Ost-Afrika-Linie and Deutsche Afrika-Linien
Hamburg Chicago Line, see Sartori & Berger
Hamburg-Süd (Hamburg-South America Line)
Hansa Linie (Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft 'Hansa') (no sailing lists)
Hanseatische Reederei (Emil Offen & Co.) (no sailing lists)
Hapag (Hamburg-American Line)
Hapag-Lloyd (no sailing lists under this name)
Hapag Seebäderdienst
Harriman Line (United American Lines)
Harrison Line
Havana-American Steamship Corporation
Havenlijn (no sailing lists)
Hawaiian Pacific Line
Hawaiian Steamship Co.
Hawaiian Textron
H.C. Sleigh (Dominion Line)
Head Line (no sailing lists)
Hellenic Coast Lines Co.
Hellenic International Lines
Hellenic Lines (no sailing lists)
Hellenic Mediterranean Lines
Henderson Line
Höegh Line (Leif Höegh & Co.)
Holland Africa Line
Holland-America Line
Holland-Australia Line
Holland-Bengal-Burma Line
Holland-Bombay-Karachi Line
Holland-British India Line
Holland-East Africa Line
Holland-East Asia Line
Holland Interamerica Line
Holland-Ireland Line (Hudig & Veder) (no sailing lists)
Holland-Persian Gulf Line
Hollandsche Stoomboot Mij. - HSM (Holland Steamship Co.)
Holland West Africa Line - HWAL
Holland-Zuid-Afrika Lijn
Home Lines
Horn Linie (no sailing lists)
Houlder Line (no sailing lists under this name)
Howard Smith (Australian Steamships)
Huddart Parker
Hudig & Veder (Holland-Ireland Line) (no sailing lists)
Hugo Stinnes Linien
Hull & Netherlands Steamship Co.
"Hurtigruten" (Coastal Express)

Iceland Steamship Co. (Eimskip)
IFC - International Freighting Corporation (no sailing lists)
Ignazio Messina & C.
Iino Lines (no sailing lists)
Importadora y Exportadora de la Patagonia (no sailing lists)
Incres Line
Independent Gulf Line (no sailing lists)
Indian African Line (Bank Line)
Indo-China Steam Navigation Co.
Inman Line
International Mercantile Marine Co. - IMM
Interocean Line
Iran Express Lines
Irish Shipping
Isbrandtsen-Moller Line (ISMOLCO)
Isbrandtsen Steamship Co.
Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.
Isthmian Steamship Co.
Italian Line
'Italia' Società di Navigazione a Vapore
Ivaran Lines (no sailing lists)

Jadranska Plovidba
Jadranska Slobodna Plovidba (no sailing lists)
Jahre Line
Jamaica Banana Producers Steamship Co. (no sailing lists under this name)
Jamaica Direct Fruit Line
James Chambers & Co., see Barber Line
Japan Line (no sailing lists)
Java-China-Japan Line - JCJL
Java-China Line (Royal Interocean Lines - RIL)
Java Pacific Line - JPL
J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, A/S, see Cosmopolitan Line
Johnson Line
Johnston Warren Lines
John Toyas Navigation
Juelsminde Kalundborg Linien
Jugolinija (Yugoslav Line)
Jugoslavenski Lloyd

Kansai Line
Karageorgis Cruises
Karageorgis Lines
Kastrup-Malmø Ruten
Keller Shipping (Nautilus Line) (no sailing lists)
Kerr Steamship Co., see Silver Line
Khedivial Mail Line
Klaveness Line (A.F. Klaveness & Co.)
"K" Line (Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha) (no sailing lists)
K Lines (Kavounides Shipping Co.)
Klosters Rederi (Norwegian Caribbean Lines)
KNSM - Royal Netherlands Steamship Co.
Knutsen Line
Kokusai Line (no sailing lists)
Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheindampfschiffahrt
Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd (Royal Holland Lloyd)
Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen - KJCPL (Royal Interocean Lines - RIL)
KPM Line (Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij)
Kristiansands Dampskibsselskap - KDS
KWIM (Royal Dutch West India Mail)

Laevaühing G. Sergo & Ko.
Laird Line
Laiva Oy Polar (Polarlinjen)
Lamport & Holt Line
Larvik Line
LASSCO - Los Angeles Steamship Co.
Latsis Costas Line (no sailing lists)
Lauro Lines
La Veloce
LB - Linjebuss International
Leith, Hull & Hamburg Steam Packet Co. (Currie Line)
Leyland Line
Libera Line (Navigazione Libera Triestina - NLT)
Limadet-Ferry (no sailing lists)
Linea 'C' (Costa Line)
Linea Sud Americana
Linee Marittime dell'Adriatico (no sailing lists)
Linjebuss International - LB
Lion Ferry
Lloyd Austriaco (Austrian Lloyd)
Lloyd Brasileiro (no sailing lists)
Lloyd Latino
Lloyd Sabaudo
Lloyd Triestino
LMS - London Midland & Scottish Railway
LNER - London & North Eastern Railway
Los Angeles Dispatch Line
Los Angeles Steamship Co. - LASSCO
Louis Dreyfus & Cie. Armateurs. (no sailing lists under this name)
Luckenbach Lines
Lykes Lines (no sailing lists)

MacBrayne's (David MacBrayne)
Maersk Line (no sailing lists)
Mallory Steamship Co.
Mamenic Line
Manchester Liners (no sailing lists)
Maritime Commission, U.S.
Marittima Italiana
Matson Lines
McCallum, Orme & Co.
McCormick Steamship Co.
McIlwraith McEacharn
Mediterranean Sun Lines (no sailing lists)
Med Link Lines
Melbourne Steamship Co.
Merchants & Miners Line
Messageries Maritimes
Messina & C., Ignazio
Metropolitan Line
Mexican Line
Mexican States Line (no sailing lists)
Meyer Line
Miami Steamship Co.
Michigan-Ohio Navigation Company
Minoan Lines
Misr Steamships
Mississippi Shipping Co. (Delta Line)
Mitsui Line (no sailing lists)
Mitsui OSK Lines
Mixte (Compagnie de Navigation Mixte)
Mols-Linien, see United Steamship Co.
Moltzau Line (Gedser-Travemünde Ruten)
Moore-McCormack Lines
Mooremack Gulf Lines (no sailing lists)
Morgan Line (Southern Pacific Steamship Lines)
Mowinckels Rederi, A/S J. Ludwig, see Cosmopolitan Line
Müller & Co., Wm H. (Batavier Line)
Munargo Line
Munson Line

Natal Line
National Hellenic American Line
National Line (National Steam-Ship Co.)
National Steam Navigation Co. of Greece
Nauru Pacific Line (no sailing lists)
Nautilus Line (Keller Shipping) (no sailing lists)
Naviera Aznar (Aznar Line)
Naviera de Cruceros
Navigazione Generale Italiana - NGI
Navigazione Libera Triestina - NLT (Libera Line)
Nederland Line
Nedlloyd Lines
Nelson Line
Neptune Orient Lines - NOL
Neptun Linie, see Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab
Nervión Line (Compañía Marítima del Nervión) (no sailing lists)
Netherlands Government
New Epirotiki Steamship Navigation Co.
New York & Cuba Mail Steamship Co. (Cuba Mail Line)
New York & Liverpool United States Mail Steamship Co. (Collins Line)
New York & Porto Rico Steamship Co. (Porto Rico Line)
New Zealand Government (no sailing lists)
New Zealand Shipping Co.
NGI - Navigazione Generale Italiana
Nigerian National Shipping Line
Nigoco (Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co's Stoomvaart Mij.), see Holland Interamerica Line and Rotterdam South America Line
Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line)
NML - Norwegian Mediterranean Line (Den Norske Middelhavslinje) (no sailing lists)
NOL - Neptune Orient Lines
Nomikos Lines
Nopal Line (no sailing lists)
Norddeutscher Lloyd (North German Lloyd)
(Det) Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab - NFDS
Nordstjernan (Johnson Line)
Norfolk Lijn (no sailing lists)
Normandy Ferries (no sailing lists)
Norse Oriental Line (no sailing lists)
North German Lloyd (Norddeutscher Lloyd)
Northland Transportation Co.
North of Scotland Orkney & Shetland Shipping Co.
North Pacific Steamship Co.
North Sea Ferries
Northumberland Ferries (no sailing lists)
Norway Line
Norwegian America Line
Norwegian Caribbean Lines
Nouvelle Compagnie de Paquebots - NCP
NYK Line

Occidental & Oriental Steamship Co. (no sailing lists)
Oceanic Steamship Co. (Spreckels Line)
Ocean Steamship Co. (Blue Funnel Line)
Ocean Steamship Co. of Savannah (Savannah Line)
Ofotens Dampskibsselskab - ODS
Ofotens og Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab - OVDS
Olau Line
Old Dominion Line
Olympic Cruises
Oranje Line
Öresund Steam Ship Co. ("Öresundsbolaget")
Oriental Steamship Co. (Toyo Kisen Kaisha)
Orient Line
Orient Overseas Line
OSK Line (Osaka Shosen Kaisha)
Ottoman America Line
Oy Vaasa-Umeå Ab
Ozean-Stinnes Linien

Pacific Argentine Brazil Line
Pacific Australia Direct Line
Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
Pacific Far East Line
Pacific International Lines - PIL (no sailing lists)
Pacific Islands Transport Line (no sailing lists)
Pacific Line (Pacific Steam Navigation Co.)
Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
Pacific Navigation Co.
Pacific Orient Express Line
Pacific Shipowners (no sailing lists)
Pacific Steam Navigation Co.
Pacific Steamship Co. (The Admiral Line)
Pacific Transport Lines - PTL
Palestine Maritime Lloyd
Palestine Shipping Co. (no sailing lists)
Palm Line
Panama Line (Panama Railroad Co.)
Panama Mail Steamship Co.
Panama Pacific Line
Panama Railroad Co.
Pan-Atlantic Line
P&O Line (Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.)
P&O Steamship Co. (Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Co.)
Paquet (CNP)
Paquet (Croisières Paquet)
Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Co.
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (P&O Line)
Pere Marquette Line Steamers, see Wisconsin & Michigan Steamship Co.
Peruvian Steamship Co., see Hamburg-American Line
Philippine Inter-Island Steamship Co.
PIL - Pacific International Lines (no sailing lists)
Plant Line
Polarlinjen (Laiva Oy Polar)
Polish Line (Polish American Navigation Corporation)
Polish Ocean Lines
Polish Steamship Co. (Polska Zegluga Morska), see Polish Ocean Lines and Finland Steamship Co.
Pool Shipping Co., see Sir R. Ropner & Co.
Pope & Talbot, see Pacific Argentine Brazil Line
Port Line
Porto Rico Line
Portuguese Line (Tranportes Maritimos do Estado)
Poseidon Lines
Poseidon Linien (no sailing lists)
Potamianos Lines
Prince Line
Prince of Fundy Cruises
Prudential Lines
PTL - Pacific Transport Line
Puget Sound Navigation Co. (Black Ball Line)

Quebec Steamship Co.

R. & J. Thomas, see British & Continental Lines
Red "D" Line
Rederi Ab Ålandsfärjan
Rederi AB Gotland (Gotlandsbolaget)
Rederi AB Halland & Nornan (Hallandsbolaget)
Rederi AB Slite
Rederi AB Svea (Svea Line)
Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd (Swedish Lloyd)
Rederi AB Transatlantic
Rederi Ab Vasa-Umeå
Rederi Ab Vikinglinjen
Red Star Line
Red Star Line (Bernstein Red Star Line)
Red Star Line (owned by Holland-America Line), see Holland-America Line
Reederei Braeunlich (Stettiner Dampfschiffs-Gesellschaft J.F. Braeunlich), see Hapag Seebäderdienst
Reederei Hugo Stinnes
Reederei Viktor Schuppe
Regie voor Maritiem Transport - RMT
Richard Adler & Söhne (Argo Line)
Riga Sea Line (Rīgas Jūras Līnija)
Rio de La Plata Line (Dodero Line)
RMT - Regie voor Maritiem Transport
Robin Line (no sailing lists)
Roosevelt Steamship Co. (no sailing lists)
Ropner Shipping Co., see Sir R. Ropner & Co.
Rotterdam Lloyd (Rotterdamsche Lloyd)
Rotterdam South America Line
Royal Dutch West India Mail (KWIM)
Royal Holland Lloyd (Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd)
Royal Interocean Lines - RIL (Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen - KJCPL)
Royal Line (Canadian Northern Steamships)
Royal Mail Lines
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. - KNSM
Royal Rotterdam Lloyd
Rud. Christ. Gribel
Russian-American Line

Safocean, see Nedlloyd Lines
St. Helena Line
St. Helena Shipping Co.
San Francisco & Portland Steamship Co.
San Marco Line
Santa Catalina Island Co. (Wilmington Transportation Co.)
Sartori & Berger (no sailing lists)
Savannah Line
Scandi Line
Scandinavian-American Line
Scandinavian Ferry Lines - SFL
Scandinavian Seaways
Scandinavian West Africa Line - SWAL
Scheepvaart Maatschappij 'Trans-Oceaan', see Netherlands Government
Schlüssel Reederei (no sailing lists)
Schuppe, Reederei Viktor
Scindia Line (no sailing lists)
Scottish Shire Line (no sailing lists under this name)
Sealink (British Rail)
SEAS (SA pour l'Exploitation des services combinés sur l'Atlantique Sud)
Seaspeed (British Rail Hovercraft)
Seaway Steamship Line
SeaWind Line
Seedienst Ostpreussen, see Hapag Seebäderdienst
Sergo & Ko., G.
Serviciul Maritim Român - SMR
Sessan Linjen
Seyrisefain (Turkish Navigation Company)
SFL - Scandinavian Ferry Lines
SGTM - Société Générale de Transports Maritimes
Shaw Savill Line
Shepard Line (no sailing lists)
Shinnihon Line (no sailing lists)
Shipping Board, U.S.
The Shipping Corporation of India
Siam Steam Navigation Co.
Sicula Oceanica SA
Sidarma (no sailing lists)
Silja Line (Ab Siljarederiet/Oy Siljavarustamo)
Silja Line
Silver Line (no sailing lists)
Silver Star Line (no sailing lists)
Siosa Line
Sir R. Ropner & Co. (no sailing lists)
Sitmar Line (pre-war)
Sitmar Line (post-war)
SJ - Statens Järnvägar
Skipafelagið Føroyar (Faroe Steamship Co.) (no sailing lists)
SL - Skandinavisk Linietrafik
Sleigh, H.C. (Dominion Line)
SMS - Scheepvaart Mij. Suriname, see KNSM - Royal Netherlands Steamship Co.
Smyril Line
SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) (no sailing lists)
Sociedade Geral
Società di Navigazione 'San Marco'
Société Misr de Navigation Maritime (Misr Steamships)
Somerfin Passenger Lines
South African Lines - SAL
South African Marine Corporation (Safmarine)
South American Saint Line (no sailing lists)
Southern Ferries (no sailing lists)
Southern Pacific Steamship Lines
Southern Railway
Soviet Danube Steamship Line
SPAN - Società Partenopea di Navigazione
Spanish Line
Splošna Plovba (no sailing lists)
Spreckels Line (Oceanic Steamship Co.)
Standard Fruit & Steamship Co.
Stanley & John Thompson (Silver Line) (no sailing lists)
State Line (State Steamship Co.) (no sailing lists)
State Shipping Service
States Line (States Steamship Co.)
States Marine Lines
(Det) Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab - DSD
Stena Line
Stena Sessan Line
Stettiner Dampfer-Compagnie
Stinnes, Reederei Hugo
Stockholms Rederi AB Svea (Svea Line)
Stoomvaart Maatschappij 'Nederland' (Nederland Line)
Stoomvaart Maatschappij Zeeland (Zeeland Steamship Co.)
Straits Shipping (Straits Steamship Co.)
Strandfaraskip Landsins
Strick Line
Suomen Höyrylaiva Oy (Finland Steamship Co.)
Superfast Ferries
Svea Line
Svenska Amerika Linien (Swedish American Line)
Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet (Swedish East Asia Co.)
Svenska Rederi AB Öresund
SWAL - Scandinavian West Africa Line
Swedish American Line (Svenska Amerika Linien)
Swedish East Asia Co. (Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet)
Swedish Lloyd (Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd)

Tasmanian Steamers, see Union Line
Thomas, R. & J., see British & Continental Lines
Thompson, Stanley & John (Silver Line) (no sailing lists)
Thompson, William, & Co. (Ben Line)
Thor Dahl, A/S
Thordén Lines
Thoresen Car Ferries
Thos. & Jas. Harrison (Harrison Line)
TMT Trailer Ferry (no sailing lists)
Tonga Shipping Agency (no sailing lists)
Tor Line
Torm Lines (no sailing lists)
Townsend Bros. Ferries
Townsend Thoresen
Toyas Navigation, John
Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental Steamship Co.)
Transatlantica Italiana (no sailing lists)
Transatlantic Gulf Lines
Trans-Ocean Steamship Co., see Netherlands Government
Transocean Transport Line
Transportación Marítima Mexicana (Mexican Line)
Transportes Maritimos do Estado (Potuguese Line)
Transports Maritimes (SGTM)
Trasmediterránea (Compañía Trasmediterránea)
Trave Line (no sailing lists)
Trinidad & Tobago Government Shipping Service (no sailing lists)
Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap - TFDS
Turkish Maritime Lines
Turkish Navigation Company
Turkish State Lines
Tyne-Tees Steam Shipping Co.
Typaldos Lines

Uiterwyk Lines (Uiterwyk Corporation)
UKWAL - United Kingdom West Africa Line, see Palm Line
Ulster Imperial Line (Belfast Steamship Co.)
Union-Australasian Line
Union-Castle Line
Unione Austriaca (Austro-Americana)
Union Line (Union Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand)
United American Lines
United Arab Maritime Co.
United Baltic Corporation
United Fruit Company
United Netherlands Navigation Co. - VNS
United States Lines
United Steamship Co. (DFDS - Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab)
U.S. Maritime Commission
U.S. Shipping Board

Vaasanlaivat (Vasabåtarna)
Vaccaro Line (Standard Fruit and Steamship Co.)
Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co's Stoomvaart Mij. (Nigoco), see Holland Interamerica Line and Rotterdam South America Line
Venezuelan Line (CAVN - Cía. Anónima Venezolana de Navegación) (no sailing lists)
Ventouris Ferries
Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab - VDS
Viking Line
Villain & Fassio
Vinke & Co., see Independent Gulf Line
VNS - United Netherlands Navigation Co.

Wallenius Lines
Ward Line (Cuba Mail Line)
Washington State Ferries
Waterman Steamship Corporation (no sailing lists)
W. Bruns & Co. (no sailing lists)
West Australian Steam Navigation Co.
Westcott & Laurance Line
West Cruise Lines
Western Australia State Shipping Service (no sailing lists)
Western Ferries
Western Ocean Steamship Corporation
Westfal-Larsen & Co., see Interocean Line and Westfal-Larsen Company Line
Westfal-Larsen Company Line (no sailing lists)
West India Fruit & Steamship Co.
West Indies Shipping Corporation (no sailing lists)
West Line (no sailing lists)
White Star-Dominion Line, see White Star Line
White Star Line
Wilhelmsen Lines (Wilh. Wilhelmsen)
Williams Line
William Thompson & Co. (Ben Line)
Wilmington Transportation Co.
Wilson Line (Ellerman's Wilson Line)
Wm H. Müller & Co. (Batavier Line)
Wisconsin & Michigan Steamship Co.
Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket Steamship Authority

Yangming Line
Yarmouth Cruise Lines
Yarmouth Line (Boston & Yarmouth Steamship Co.)
Ybarra y Cía
Yeoward Line
Y.S. Line (Yamashita-Shinnihon Steamship Co.) (no sailing lists)
Yugoslav Line (Jugolinija)

Zeeland Steamship Co.
Zim Lines


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Isthmian Steamship Co.

Jamaica Direct Fruit Line

Java-China-Japan Line

Lamport & Holt Line

Luckenbach Lines

Marittima Italiana

McCormick Line

National Steam Navigation Co. of Greece

Nelson Line

Nouvelle Compagnie de Paquetbots

Occidental & Oriental S.S. Co.
Old Dominion Line

Pacific Far East Line

Pacific Orient Express Line

Polish Ocean Lines

Sir R. Ropner & Co.

Rotterdam South America Line - Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co.

Royal Dutch West India Mail

Royal Rotterdam Lloyd

Royal Interocean Lines

Sartori & Berger

South African Lines

South American Saint Line

States Marine Lines

Svea Line

Swedish American Line

John Toyas Navigation



United Fruit Co.

Vaccaro Line (Standard Fruit & Steamship Co.)

Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab

Villain & Fassio

United Netherlands Navigation Co.

W. Bruns & Co.

Yarmouth Cruise Lines

Ybarra y Cía