Flotta Lauro
(Lauro Lines)


Sailings January-November 1954 (issued January 1954) for:

Ports of call:
New York, Halifax, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Genoa, Naples

Sailings January 1964-February 1965 (issued March 1, 1963) for:
Roma, Sydney

Ports of call:
Genoa, Naples, Messina, Malta, Port Said, Aden, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, Bombay
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Passenger fares brochure (no sailings listed) (valid from September 1, 1970) for:
Angelina Lauro, Achille Lauro

Ports of call:
UK port (Southampton), Italian ports, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Wellington
(Southbound via Cape Town; northbound either via Cape Town or Magellan Straits)


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The Simplon Postcards website has a page on the history of the Flotta Lauro with many postcards/photos.

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