Recent additions:

Plovidba 1939

White Star Line 1934

Yarmouth Line 1914

Carron Line 1902

New shipping companies, images or information added to this site. Images are of timetables/sailing lists unless otherwise noted.

June 30, 2019:
A List of shipping companies grouped by geograhic region and country has been added. Also, a number of broken links, especially in the Archives section, have been mended.

March 24, 2019:
Unfortunately, lack of time prevents me from updating this website except on rare occasions. Updates, if any, will mostly concern additions to the Archives section, which will not be listed on this page. I will have to give priority to my airline timetable website Airline Timetable Images.

January 24, 2017:
Finally, some of the Nedlloyd schedules, promised since August, have been added.

August 18, 2016:
A number of external links have been mended or removed.
Due to other commitments, this website has been somewhat neglected during the past few years. However, I plan to start adding material again during the coming autumn. A large number of images of schedules of Nedlloyd Lines (all graciously provided by Theo Strauss) will be added.

June 25, 2012:
Oranje Line 1961 (image added)
Royal Rotterdam Lloyd 1954-55 (image added)
Swedish American Line 1924-25 (image added)
Swedish Lloyd 1955-56 UK-West Indies (image added)

June 21, 2012:
British & Irish Steam Packet Co. 1927 (image added)
Cunard Line 1921 (image added)
Hapag Seebäderdienst (company added)
Lion Ferry 1966 (image added)

June 17, 2012:
American Export Lines 1934-35 Freighter cruises (image added)
American President Lines 1951 Cargoliner cruises/Promotional bochure (image added)
Ann Arbor Railroad (company added)
Canadian Pacific Railway 1952 Princess Lines (image added)
CP Rail 1974 Bay of Fundy (image added)
Currie Line 1933 (image added)
Dubrovacka Plovidba 1939 (image added)
England Sweden Line 1966-67 (image added)
French Line 1896 (image added)
French Line 1926-27 (image added)
George Gibson & Co. (company added)
G. Sergo & Ko. (company added)
Hamburg-American Line 1926-27 (image added)
Holland-East Asia Line 1928-29 (image added)
Johnson Line 1961-62 (image added)
Leyland Line 1926 (image added)
Los Angeles Dispatch Line (company added)
Netherlands Government 1963 (image added)
Norwegian Caribbean Lines 1969 Miami-Nassau (image added)
Öresund Steam Ship Co. (company added)
Orient Line 1882 (image added)
Polish Ocean Lines 1987 (image added)
Red "D" Line 1892 (image added)
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 1923-24 Canada-West Indies (image added)
Savannah Line 1898 (image added)
Spanish Line 1974 (image added)
United States Lines 1922 (image added)
White Star Line 1934 (image added)
Wilhelmsen Line 1930s New York-Brazil/River Plate (image added)
Yarmouth Line 1914 (image added)

April 1, 2012:
Bermuda-Atlantic Steamship Co. (company added)
Carron Line (company added)
Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab/Arendals Dampskibsselskab 1953 (image added)
Dubrovačka Parobrodska Plovidba (company added)
Iino Lines (company added)
Pacific Shipowners (company added)
Pacific Steamship Co. (The Admiral Line) 1925 New York-Miami (image added)
Panama Railroad Steamship Line 1896 (image added)
San Francisco & Portland Steamship Co. 1924 (image added)

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Recent additions:

Hapag Seebäder-
dienst 1934

Los Angeles
Dispatch Line c. 1925

Iino Lines 1960s

Panama Railroad
Steamship Line 1896