KNSM - Royal Netherlands Steamship Co.
(Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Mij.)


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Sailings October 1935-May 1936
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Van Rensselaer
Oranje Nassau
Amsterdam, Dover, Madeira, Paramaribo, Demerara, Trinidad, Carupano, Pampatar, Puerto Sucre (Cumaná), Guanta, La Guaira, Curaçao, Port au Prince, New York.
Return voyages: New York, Port au Prince, La Guaira (except Cottica), Curaçao, Puerto Cabello, La Guaira, Guanta, Puerto Sucre, Pampatar, Carupano, Trinidad, Demerara, Paramaribo, Madeira, Plymouth, Le Havre, Amsterdam.

Sailings March-April 1953 (issued March 18, 1953)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Baltimore (Helicon only), Philadelphia (Sarpedon and Agamemnon), New York, Curaçao, Aruba, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Maracaibo (except Oberon)
Baltimore, Philadelphia (Hermes - one voyage), New York, Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Guanta, Puerto Sucre, Pampatar, Carupano, Trinidad, Paramaribo, Georgetown, Ciudad Bolivar
Lily Nielsen
Philadelphia (Lily Nielsen only), New York, Ciudad Trujillo, Port-au-Prince, Santiago de Cuba, Maracaibo (Lily Nielsen only)
Ariadne New York, Ciudad Trujillo, Jacmel, Aux Cayes, Santiago de Cuba, Jeremie, Miragoane, Petit Goave, St. Marc, Gonaives, Port de Paix, Caracol, Fort Liberté
Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, La Guaira, Curaçao, Aruba
Mobile, Houston, New Orleans, Maracaibo, Puerto Cabello, Guanta, Puerto Sucre, Pampatar, Carupano, Trinidad, Georgetown, Paramaribo

Sailings June 1962-December 1963 (issued July 1962)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Prins der Nederlanden
Oranje Nassau
Amsterdam, Southampton, Barbados, Trinidad, La Guaira, Curaçao, Aruba, Kingston.
Return voyages: Kingston, Puerto Limon, Cartagena, Aruba, Curaçao, La Guaira, Trinidad, Barbados, Plymouth, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Southampton, Madeira, Trinidad, Paramaribo, Georgetown.
Return voyages: Georgetown, Paramaribo, Madeira, Plymouth, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Paramaribo, Georgetown

Sailings June 1969-November 1970 (issued August 1969) for:
Oranje Nassau, Prins der Nederlanden

Ports of call:
Amsterdam, Southampton, Madeira, Trinidad, Georgetown, Curaçao, Aruba, Paramaribo, Kingston, Grenada, Barbados, Ponta Delgada

Sailings June-September 1972 (issued June 3, 1972)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Trident Amsterdam
Trident Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremen, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Le Havre (Tr. Rotterdam), Bilbao (Tr. Amsterdam), La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Maracaibo (Tr. Rotterdam), Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta.
Returned to the same northern European ports.
Oranje Nassau Amsterdam, Paramaribo, Georgetown, Curaçao, Aruba, Kingston. (Caribbean ports of call not necessarily in this order.)
Returned via Azores to Amsterdam.
Prins der Nederlanden Amsterdam, St. Maarten, Curaçao, Aruba, Port of Spain, Paramaribo. (Caribbean ports of call not necessarily in this order.)
Returned via Azores to Amsterdam.
Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Curaçao, Aruba, Paramaribo.
Returned to Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Ares Hamburg, Bremen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port au Prince, La Ceiba, Belize, Puerto Cortes, Santo Tomas de Castilla.
Returned to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Bremen.
Called also at Ponce and Kingston on outward voayge and at Puerto Barrios, Kingston, Santo Domingo and Ponce on homeward voyage "if sufficient inducement offered".
SMS - Scheepvaart Mij. Suriname:
Parthenon Hamburg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Paramaribo, Nickerie.
Returned to Rotterdam and Hamburg.
Also called at Belwaarde and Paranam "if sufficient inducement offered".
Also sailings for many other vessels between Germany/Netherlands and ports in the Caribbean or on the west coast of South America, including non-passenger carrying freighters, plus sailings for freighters to the Pacific coast of Central America and the Mediterranean.
Some of the combined passenger/freighter services were operated in conjunction with FMG - Flota Mercante Grancolombiana and SMS - Scheepvaart Mij. Suriname.


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