La Veloce
('La Veloce' Navigazione Italiana a Vapore)


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Sailings January-March 1906
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Genoa, Barcelona, Cadiz, Las Palmas or Tenerife (optional), Buenos Aires

(One roundtrip voyage each except Argentina, which also made one roundtrip voyage following the itinerary of Centro America below)

Centro America Genoa, Barcelona, Tenerife, Montevideo, Buenos Aires

(One roundtrip voyage)

Savoja Genoa, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Montevideo, Buenos Aires

(One roundtrip voyage)

Nord America
Città di Milano
Città di Napoli
Città di Torino
Genoa, Naples, New York

(One roundtrip voyage each except Nord America, which made two voyages)

Città di Genova Genoa, Naples, Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro, Santos.
Naples omitted on return voyages.
Centro America
Genoa, Marseilles, Barcelona, Tenerife, Trinidad, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Curaçao, Puerto Colombia (Sabanilla), Colon, Puerto Limon, Colon.
Return voyages: Colon, Curaçao, La Guaira, Ponce (except Washington), Tenerife, Barcelona, Genoa.

(One roundtrip voyage each)

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Sailings February 1913 (issued January 10, 1913)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Stampalia Genoa, Naples, Palermo, New York, Philadelphia
Europa Genoa, Naples, New York
Duca di Genova Genoa, Barcelona, Dakar, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
Città di Torino Genoa, Marseilles, Barcelona, Tenerife, Barbados, Trinidad, La Guaira, Curaçao, Sabanilla, Puerto Limon, Colon
(No return sailings listed.)

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