To States Steamship Company.

On States Steamship Company's old logo & house flag

Pre-WW2 logo.

No wonder, during WW2 States Steamship Company had to dispose of its swastika logo.
The seahorse logo as shown on this brochure was probably in use from the late 1950s.

Nazi Germany's use of the swastika compromised the ancient symbol for ages to come.
However, before the war it was not uncommon as a logo, also used by a few
other shipping companies, as seen on the house flags below:
Iceland Steamship Company (Eimskipafélag Íslands) and Scindia Line of India.
(In fact, those logos were still in use for several years after the war.)

Iceland Steamship Company
(Technically, this is a fylfot - an upright swastika with truncated limbs)

Scindia Line
Click to view a brochure (c. 1950) with this logo

In other fields than shipping, the swastika was used by many companies and organizations.
One notable example was the Finnish Air Force. Its use of the swastika had no connection to the Nazis,
although Finland in 1941 ended up on the same side as Germany in WW2.

(Photo from "Great Aircraft Collections of the World" by Bob Ogden)

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