To Pacific Far East Line.

"This is a typical stateroom. Its gracious lines are enhanced by a happy combination of color...
Mexican red on white handwoven fabric which is used lavishly in draw draperies, chair covers and bedspreads."

"You will feel at home in this double stateroom done in vibrant tones of yellow.
A fine wallpaper has been used in the same sunny atmosphere.
Coverings are quilted plain yellow and draw draperies are sunshine transparent."


"The Master suite consists of three rooms - bedroom, sitting room and game room." (below)

"Bedroom of Master suite...
This is a corner of the suite bedroom, done in outline stitched French blue and white toile.
This room has a dressing room and a bath with striking black-and-white marble walls."

"Sitting room of Master suite...
Shown here is a corner of the suite sitting room, with a French Provincial chest,
a settee in traditional cover of off-white against a carpet of French blue.
Two French Provincial chairs flank the settee. The sitting room has its own private bath."

"Game room or den...
The game room adjoins the sitting room of the Master suite. Here we have tried to please the masculine.
Natural oak walls and parquet floor have been used in conjunction with a completely equipped bar.
Ice box, refrigerator, tape recorder, game table, electric range, lounge chair and settee are all available
for that midnight snack. Folding shutters can be drawn at night over the room's three picture windows.
The settee can be made into a bed for a third guest in the suite."


"Library lounge...
The walls of the passenger library lounge are done in selected fruitwood, complemented by a mottled
brown-and-white carpet. The desk in the foreground is a beautiful example of French Provincial.
Behind the desk, against the wall to the right, is a fine old Venetian console, decorated in black and gold.
The pictures on the wall are vues optiques in mirrored glass frames.
Beneath them are two original figures of cocks, done in hand-tooled brass.
The fine armchairs are finished in antiqued bone white. A colorful room for leisure and quiet hours."

"Dining saloon...
The passenger dining saloon is decorated in a modified modern Oriental style. The floor is set
in black vinylite with stripes of white..the armchairs are dark teak with finely woven cane vacks and white pad seats.
The panel between the windows is an original Oriental stone-rubbing. Contrasting with the white walls
and ceiling are handwoven reed blinds in colors of white, black, red and gold over the windows."

From a 1955 Pacific Far East Line promotional booklet/deck plan of the Mariner class of cargoliners (see below).

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