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The Giulio Cesare (27,078 grt, 681 ft. long) sailed on the Genoa-La Plata route between 1951 and 1972, except for a spell on the Genoa-New York route in the latter half of the 1950s. She was broken up in 1973.

Her sister Augustus (27,090 grt) followed a similar career, though continued on the La Plata run until 1975. She was eventually sold and spent many years in the Far East, mostly laid up.

The Conte Grande (1954: 23,842 grt, 667 ft. long) sailed on her maiden voyage from Genoa to New York for Lloyd Sabaudo in 1928. Following the creation of the Italian Line in 1932, the liner was transferred to the South American route. She was laid up in 1940, but seized by Brazil and used as a troop ship by the U.S. Navy. After rebuilding she was ready to resume her sailings to La Plata in 1949. She was eventually broken up in 1961.

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