To American President Lines.

Shown is one of the President liners (President Taft etc.) used on the trans-Pacific route.
These were of the US Shipping Board 535-ft Class, i.e. they were 535 ft. long. All were of c. 14,000 grt
and provided for c. 550 passengers. They were originally employed by the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. from 1921
until this line was taken over by Dollar Line in 1925, but continued on the same run. Other ships of the 535-ft Class
were operated by Admiral Oriental Line/American Mail Line, Munson Line (American Legion etc.)
and United States Lines (Lone Star State/President Harding and Peninsula State/President Roosevelt).
The President liners used in Dollar Line's around-the-world service were of the US Shipping Board
502-ft Class of c. 10,500 grt; cargo-passenger ships with accomodation for less than 100 passengers.

See this page for an account of Munson Line's 535-ft liners
(including links to photo pages), applicable also to Dollar Line's ships.

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