French Line 1937

Standard Fruit & Steamship Co. 1936

White Star Line 1913

Welcome to Maritime Timetable Images, a companion to my and David Zekria's website Airline Timetable Images. I have always concentrated on collecting airline timetables, but over the years I have also picked up some maritime timetables (sailing lists). I admire the great ocean liners of yesteryear and studying them and the routes they sailed has been a nice way of relaxing from my main hobby.

Please see the list of shipping companies with images of timetables/sailing lists on this site. Among the images are also some of covers or contents of other printed memorabilia like brochures or booklets describing the companies or the liners. If you are looking for a specific ship you can go to the list of ships. You can also check the updates page. Finally, if you still don't find what you are looking for, please check the archives section (which lists additional brochures in my collection) or use the search engine.

Statistics like tonnage and length (normally original figures as built unless otherwise stated) are mostly from The Great Passenger Liners of the World by Arnold Kludas, Passenger Liners by Laurence Dunn, Passenger Ships of the World - Past and Present by Eugene W. Smith or The World's Passenger Liners by Colin F. Worker. The Fleet lists section of TheShipsList website has also been helpful. The brief ship histories you will find here and there are primarily based on information given by Kludas.

A selection of passenger ship operations of various kinds, including ocean liners, ferries and freighters, for the year 1971 can be found in the shipping in 1971 section. This section enables easy comparison of various routes offered to travellers during one of the last years before the oil crisis changed the passenger shipping business.

There are not many other websites with images of maritime timetables to be found.
One is Graphic Design from the 1920s and 1930s in Travel Ephemera, maintained by David Levine. This is a fantastic site with over 1000 images (and growing constantly) of travel brochures, airline timetables, luggage labels and other types of paper items. Check out David's Nautical section for ocean liner brochures, but browsing all the rest is a real pleasure as well! You will find links directly to some of David's timetables from my individual shipping company pages.
If you know of any other websites with timetable images please let me know!

Instead of providing a separate page for ocean liner links I would like to refer to the links page of The Great Ocean Liners, a very nice site with detailed histories of many of the great liners of the past, maintained by Daniel Othfors and Henrik Ljungström.
In addition, on my pages you will sometimes find links to other websites for histories and illustrations/photos of lines and liners.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have helped me in building my little collection! Thanks also to Matias Ankert, Erika Bagai, Giovanni Belfiore, Randle M. Biddle, Michael Garrett Blakeslee, Eugene A. Brandner, Pär Carlgren, Héctor Cicero, Enrique Echevarría, Jeremy Fallis, Henry N. Helgesen, Gerald Hook, Denis Keenlyside, Neil King, Erik Langeland, The Mariners' Museum, Steve Miner, Craig Morris, Jacqueline Nesbitt, Alison Piano, James Quittenden, Raymond Reynolds, Linda Rodgers, Bernd Rohwedder, Gunnar Saltin, Scott Sandmeier, Zbigniew and Anne Soja, Theo Strauss, John Sutherland, Joanna Terrones, Michael Thompson, Julie Towles, Gwen Waters, Robert Watson, Thomas A. Weyersberg, Carlos E. Winter and the webmaster of the Great Southern Card Publishers website for providing me with additional material. All have been duly credited; everything else on this website is from my own collection. Unfortunately, in spite of my generous provisions for the use of my material, there are websites which have used a good number of my images without any credits or links to this website. So if you find the same images on another website, be sure to know that this website is the original and rightful user of those images!

I hope you like what you find on these pages. Please contact me if you have any comments. Thank you for viewing!

Björn Larsson
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Holland-America Line 1963

Johnson Line early 1930s

Toyo Kisen Kaisha 1913

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