before contacting me:


I am but a collector of brochures - I am not an expert in any fields of shipping-related issues. I have no specific knowledge in how to locate passenger and/or crew lists *), nor do I have information on owners or employees of any shipping company. To those of you who are involved in genealogy research I can only advise you to contact specialized websites or maritime museums, especially in the ports or regions from which the ships originated or for which they were destined. Otherwise, auctions on e.g. eBay or internet shops like New Steamship Consultants or Nautiques might be worth browsing.

Furthermore, I will not make any appraisals of any type of items. I suggest you check eBay or the above mentioned websites to find out the value of your items. Finally, the brochures I am displaying or listing are not for sale or trade.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ON THE ABOVE MENTIONED MATTERS. I will not be able to help you and I do not have the time to reply to such requests.

However, I will gladly reply to requests concerning information from or scans of my brochures. I would also be happy if you wish to contribute images of sailing lists or other brochures, or photos, to be displayed on the website. If you wish to sell a paper item (nothing else!) please feel free to contact me and let me know what you are asking for it. I will not make any offers.

*) I have just a handful of passenger lists. They are either featured on the shipping company pages (see the list of shipping companies) or listed in the archives section. If you do not find the one you are looking for I do not have it! And I have no crew lists, log books etc.


I assume that you have read the above before making use of my e-mail address! (You will have to actively write my address in the address field of an e-mail message.)


You may use my images on another website.
Then please credit them as being from the collection of Björn Larsson,
and preferably provide a link to my Introduction page.
Please also respect the copyright provisions as given below.
Thank you!
Please note that an image of a brochure or other item provided by another collector
may not be used without prior permission from its owner.

This page last updated June 22, 2019.