CAAC - Civil Aviation Administration of China 1955

Wuhan Airlines 2000


I have been collecting airline memorabilia for over thirty years, my principal interest lying with airline timetables. Unfortunately I have not kept a record of my collection, and thus can only estimate that I have amassed in the region of fifty thousand timetables so far, though many are duplicates.

I used to collect absolutely any timetables I did not already have, including regional versions. However, my collection occupies an incredible amount of space, and I have had no choice but to store the majority in the attic, rendering them relatively inaccessible. Therefore while I continue in principle to collect all timetables, I am concentrating on the old or unusual.

I am always on the lookout to add such timetables to my collection. If you have any which you are willing to exchange, sell or donate, please contact me via e-mail at

David Zekria

CAAC - Civil Aviation Administration of China 1967

Tyumenaviatrans 2002

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