DDL - Det Danske Luftfartselskab 1927

ABA - AB Aerotransport 1933

Deutsche Lufthansa 1939

My primary interest lies with timetables of the piston era, especially from the late thirties to the late fifties. However, ever since I picked up my first timetable in 1960, I have continuously added current material to my collection. Nowadays, with the demise of the printed timetable, I don't bother chasing new timetables at airports or in the few city ticket offices left, or writing to airlines, so I only look for older timetables and the odd and the rare of newer or current ones.

From the late 1970s onwards I have swapped many timetables with a number of collectors. (Thanks Frank - I will always remember your generosity - and Perry for the many packages and boxes you have shipped across the ocean!) I have kept a lower profile the past decade since my duplicates have been difficult to locate, lying in no order in boxes in my storage. I have had plans to check those boxes, but so far no time.

Time Flies... Timetables from All Over the World is a book published in 2011 with images of some of the more graphic 1920s-1960s timetables in my collection including brief histories of the airlines. See this page, with glimpses of the book, if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

Early in 2004, Daniel Kusrow and I established The Aeromarine Website, devoted solely to one of the true pioneers of U.S. aviation.

In addition to my interest in civil aviation, I also have a minor interest in ocean liners and over the years I have picked up a number of sailing lists. You will find a selection of them on my site Maritime Timetable Images.

...and...another little interest of mine: diecast model vehicles. I am not an active collector, but have kept some of the old models I used to play with when a kid. I have photographed a number of them as well as some catalogues and added a few pages - mostly for my own fun.

Long before the airline timetable appeared, there was the railway (railroad) timetable to collect. I keep a few for comparison and have added a page devoted to North American railway timetables from the 1940's-1960s era, many with nice covers featuring the diesel-powered streamliner.

Finally, a big hug to my wife Sylvia and my daughter Henny for having put up with me all these years!

Björn Larsson

(Photo: Mikael qvist, April 2010).......................Time Flies.................

Deutsche Lufthansa 1934


ABA - AB Aerotransport 1946


Note the light blue ONU letters on this all-white Curtiss C-46 (SE-CFC), captured at Malmö-Bulltofta Airport in 1961, newly-arrived from the Congo for a short "leave", but soon to be back. The owner, Malmö-based charter airline TSA - Transair Sweden AB, operated many C-46s on behalf of the United Nations (abbreviated ONU in French) during the Congo crisis in the early sixties.

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