Olley Air Service

United Kingdom

Olley Air Service was set up by Gordon Olley, a former pilot with Handley Page Transport and Imperial Airways, in January 1934.

Primarily a charter airline, Olley Air Service was the nucleus of a complex group of companies, including subsidiaries
Isle of Man Air Services and Channel Air Ferries (which took over Olley's scheduled routes), formed in 1935 and 1936 respectively.

Another Olley Group member was Blackpool & West Coast Air Services, founded in 1933 but bought by Olley in 1935.
It operated between Ireland and the UK jointly with Aer Lingus under the marketing name Irish Sea Airways.
Its other services were transferred to Isle of Man Air Services in 1937, after which the airline shortened its name to West Coast Air Services.

In 1938, Great Western & Southern Air Lines was formed as a joint venture between the Olley Group
and two railway companies. It took over the routes of Channel Air Ferries in 1939.

After WW2, Olley Air Service resumed operations as a charter airline, also opening a few scheduled routes.
It was bought by Morton Air Services in 1953 and wholly integrated into this airline. However,
the Olley name was kept for certain flights, particularly to the Channel Islands, until finally disposed of in 1963.
(Information courtesy of Michael Dawes)

July 11, 1936
London-Deauville route
(From the collection of Michael Dawes)
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Undated (Summer 1938)
Joint Irish Sea Airways/Channel Air Ferries timetable, published under Olley titles
(From the collection of Michael Dawes)

April 27, 1953
British Industries Fair (Birmingham) timetable
(From the collection of Michael Dawes)
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Spring/Summer 1963 (January 1, 1963)
Joint Morton Air Services/Olley Air Service timetable
(From the collection of Michael Dawes)
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