Airlines of Asia by country


The symbol * after an airline indicates that there is at least one image of the interior of a timetable of that airline, in addition to the usual cover image. Such an image may show e.g. a description of routes flown or aircraft used, the actual flight schedule (or an excerpt), a route map, or combinations of these.

The symbol ♦ after an airline indicates that there is at least one baggage label of this airline. The timetable page of the airline has a link to a separate page of labels. In addition, airlines with baggage labels are listed on a separate index page.


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Aden, see Yemen

Ariana Afghan Airlines *
Bakhtar Afghan Airlines *
Safi Airways

Armenian Airlines *

Azerbaijan Airlines *
Imair *

Bahrain Air
Gulf Air
Gulf Aviation *
Gulf Traveller

Biman Bangladesh Airlines *
GMG Airlines
Regent Airways
Royal Bengal
United Airways *
US-Bangla Airlines

Bhutan Airlines
Drukair - Royal Bhutan Airlines *

Brunei Darussalam:
Royal Brunei Airlines

Burma, see Myanmar

Air Cambodge
Angkor Airways
Bassaka Air
Cambodia Angkor Air
Cambodia Bayon Airlines
Cambodia International Airlines
First Cambodia Airlines *
Kampuchea Airlines *
Mekong Airlines
PMT air *
President Airlines
Royal Air Cambodge (1950s-60s) * ♦
Royal Air Cambodge (1990s)
Royal Pnom Penh Airways
Siem Reap Airways International
SK Air

Ceylon, see Sri Lanka

China (Hong Kong):
Air Hongkong *
Cathay Pacific Airways * ♦
Heli Express
Hong Kong Air International *
Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Airways *
Hong Kong Express
Macau Airtransport
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines

China (Macau):
Air Macau
Sky Shuttle

China (People's Republic):
Air China *
CAAC - Civil Aviation Administration of China * ♦
Chang'an Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines Wuhan
China General Aviation Corporation
China Northern Airlines
China Northern Swan Airlines
China Northwest Airlines
China Southern Airlines
China Southwest Airlines
China United Airlines
China Xinhua Airlines
China Xinjiang Airlines
China Yunnan Airlines
CNAC - China National Aviation Corporation * ♦
CNAC-Zhejiang Airlines
East Star Airlines *
Eurasia * ♦
Hainan Airlines
Hebei Airlines *
Jiangxi Air
JuneYao Airlines
Lucky Air *
Manchuria Aviation Co. (Manchurian Air Transport - MKKK) * ♦
OK Air *
Shandong Airlines
Shanghai Airlines *
Shantou Airlines
Shanxi Airlines *
Shenzhen Airlines
Sichuan Airlines
Spring Airlines *
West Air
Wuhan Airlines
Xiamen Airlines
Xinjiang Airlines
Zhongyuan Airlines *

China (Taiwan):
CAT - Civil Air Transport * ♦
China Airlines
China Asia Airlines
EVA Air *
Far Eastern Air Transport - FAT *
Formosa Airlines
Foshing Airlines *
Great China Airlines *
Makung Airlines *
Mandarin Airlines
Taiwan Airlines
TransAsia Airways
Uni Air

Dutch East Indies, see Indonesia

Dutch New Guinea, see Indonesia

Federation of Malaya, see Malaysia

Federation of South Arabia, see Yemen

Georgia, see Europe

Hong Kong, see China (Hong Kong)

Air Carnival
Air Deccan
Air-India (1940s-50s)
Air-India (present)
Air India Express *
Air-India International * ♦
Air India Regional
Air Pegasus
Air Sahara
Air Services of India - ASI *
Airways (India) *
Alliance Air
Bharat Airways
Damania Airways
Deccan Airways * ♦
Go Air
Goa Way
Gujarat Airways *
Indian Airlines - IAC * ♦
Indian National Airways *
Jet Airways
Kingfisher Airlines
Madras Air Taxi Service
MDLR Airlines
Paramount Airways
Sahara Airlines
Skyline NEPC
SpiceJet *
Sujata Airlinks
TAIP - Transportes Aéreos da Índia Portuguesa *
Tata Air Lines *
Tata Sons * ♦
Vistara *

Adam Air
Air Efata
Air Paradise International
Awair - Airwagon International
Batavia Air
Bouraq Indonesia Airlines *
Citilink Garuda Indonesia
De Kroonduif *
Deraya Air
Garuda Indonesia * ♦
Indonesian Airlines *
Jatayu Airlines
Kartika Airlines
KNILM - Royal Netherlands Indies' Airways * ♦
Linus Airways
Lion Air
Mandala Airlines *
Merpati Nusantara Airlines *
Pelita Air
Riau Airlines
Sempati Air
Sriwijaya Air *
Star Air
TransNusa Aviation
Trigana Air Service
Wings Air
Xpress Air

Iranair (Iranian Airways) * ♦
Iran Air *
Iran Aseman Airlines
Kish Airlines *
Mahan Air
Persian Air Services - PAS *

Iraqi Airways * ♦
Mesopotamia Air

Arkia Israeli Airlines * ♦
ICS - Israeli Charter Service *
El Al Israel Airlines * ♦
Palestine Airways *
Sun d'Or International Airlines

Air Do
Air Nippon
Amakusa Airlines - AMX
ANA - All Nippon Airways * ♦
Asahi Airlines Commuter - AAC
City Airlink Corporation
Dai Nippon Koku (Greater Japan Air Lines) *
Far Eastern Airlines - FEA * ♦
FDA - Fuji Dream Airlines *
Fuji Air Lines *
Fujita Air Lines *
HAC - Hokkaido Air System *
Iki International Airlines
JAC - Japan Air Commuter
JAL - Japan Airlines * ♦
Japan Air Transport Co. * ♦
Japan Asia Airways - JAA *
Japan Domestic Airlines - JDA *
JAS (Japan Air Sightseeing?) *
JAS - Japan Air System
JHAT - Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co. *
JTA - Japan Transocean Air
KAK - Kanki Airlines *
Kyokushin Air
Nagasaki Airways - NAW *
NAL - Naka Nihon Air Service
New Central Air Service - NCA *
Nippon Cargo Airlines
Nippon Yuran Airlines *
Nitto Air Lines *
NJA - North Japan Airlines *
NKA - Nihon Kinkyori Airways *
NKYK - Nippon Koku Yuso Kenkyujo *
NKYKK - Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha (Japan Air Transport Co.) *
ORC - Oriental Air Bridge
RAC - Ryukyu Air Commuter *
Setouchi Seaplanes
Skymark Airlines
Skynet Asia Airways - SNA
Solaseed Air
Spring Japan Airlines *
SWAL - Southwest Air Lines *
TDA - Toa Domestic Airlines *
Toa Airways - TAW *
Tokyo Ai Land Shuttle
Tokyo Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo Air Transport Co.)
Vanilla Air *
Yokohama Koku Co. - YHK (Yokohama Airlines) *

Air Jordan *
Air Jordan of the Holy Land
Alia - Royal Jordanian Airlines
Arab Airways (Jerusalem) * ♦
Jordan Airways *
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Royal Wings Airlines

Air Astana *
Air Kazakhstan *
Kazair - Kazakhstan Airlines
Sayakhat Air Company

Korea (Democratic People's Republic):
Air Koryo *
Chosonminhang - Korean Airways *

Korea (Republic):
Air Busan
Asiana Airlines *
Eastar Jet *
Fly Gangwon *
Hansung Airlines
Jeju Air
Jin Air
Korean Air
Korean Air Lines - KAL
Korean National Airlines - KNA (Koreanair) * ♦
T'way Airlines *
Yeongnam Air *

KNA - Kuwait National Airways *
Kuwait Airways * ♦
Trans Arabia Airways *
Wataniya Airways

Kyrgyzstan Airlines

Air Laos * ♦
Lao Air Lines (1960s-70s)
Lao Airlines (present)
Lao Aviation *
Lao Central Airlines *
Royal Air Lao *

Air Liban * ♦
Compagnie Générale de Transports - CGT (or CGDT) * ♦
LIA - Lebanese International Airways *
MEA - Middle East Airlines * ♦
TMA - Trans Mediterranean Airways *

AirAsia X
Berjaya Air *
Borneo Airways *
Federation Air Service *
Macair (Malaysia Air Charter)
Malayan Airways *
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysian Airways
MAS - Malaysian Airline System
MSA - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines
Pelangi Air *

Air Maldives
Maldives Airways *

Manchuria (Manchukuo), see China (People's Republic)

Aero Mongolia *
Hangard Airlines *
Hunnu Air *
MIAT - Mongolian Airlines
Mongolian Airlines Group *

Myanmar (Burma):
Air Bagan
Air KBZ *
Air Mandalay
Asian Wings Airways *
Burma Airways Corporation *
FMI Air Charter
Golden Myanmar Airlines *
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines
Myanma Airways
Myanmar Airways International - MAI *
UBA - Union of Burma Airways *
Yangon Airways

Air Nepal International - ANI *
Necon Air
Nepal Airlines
Royal Nepal Airlines * ♦

Netherlands Indies, see Indonesia

Netherlands New Guinea, see Indonesia

North Borneo, see Malaysia

North Korea, see Korea (Democratic People's Republic)

Gulf Air
Gulf Aviation *
Oman Air
Oman Aviation

Aero Asia *
Bhoja Air
Orient Airways *
PIA - Pakistan International Airlines *
Shaheen Air International

Palestine, see Israel

Airphil Express
Air Philippines
Asian Spirit
Cebu Pacific Air
Filipinas Orient Airways *
INAEC - Iloilo-Negros Air Express Co.
Interisland Airlines
Laoag International Airlines
Mindanao Express *
PAL - Philippine Airlines * ♦
PAL Express
PATCO - Philippine Aerial Taxi Co. *
PATI - Philippine AeroTransport
Philippine Airlines - PAL * ♦

Portuguese India, see India

Gulf Air
Gulf Aviation *
Qatar Airways

Saudi Arabia:
Aramco (Arabian American Oil Co.)
Nas Air
Saudi Arabian Airlines *
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Co.)

Jetstar Asia *
Malayan Airways *
Malaysian Airways *
MSA - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines *
Scoot *
SilkAir *
Singapore Airlines *
Tiger Airways
Valuair *
Wearnes Air Services *

South Korea, see Korea (Republic)

South Vietnam, see Vietnam

Sri Lanka:
Air Ceylon *
Airlanka *
Cinnamon Air
Mihin Lanka
SriLankan Airlines

Straits Settlements, see Singapore

Syrian Airways * ♦
Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair) *

Taiwan, see China (Taiwan)

Tajik Air

Aerial Transport Company of Siam *
Air Andaman
Air Siam *
Angel Air
Bangkok Airways *
Happy Air
Hua Hin Air Shuttle
Kan Air
Nok Air *
One-Two-GO Airlines *
Orient Express Air *
Orient Thai Airlines *
Phuket Air
SGA Airlines
Solar Air
THAI * ♦
Thai AirAsia
Thai Airways Co. - TAC * ♦
Thai Airways International (THAI) * ♦
THAI Smile *

Turkmenistan Airlines

United Arab Emirates:
Emarat Link
Emirates *
Etihad Airways
Gulf Air *
Gulf Aviation *

Uzbekistan Airways *

Air Vietnam * ♦
Hàng Không Viêt Nam (Air Vietnam) (1950s-70s) *
Hàng Không Viêt Nam (1970s-80s) *
Indochina Airlines
Pacific Airlines
Vietnam Airlines *
Vietnam Air Services Co. - VASCO *

Aden Airways * ♦
Alyemda - (Democratic) Yemen Airlines *
Alyemen - Airlines of Yemen
Yemen Airways *

* and ♦ = See above

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