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Model 50
Model 80
Model 85

Individual aircraft:
Ambassador (photo 1) - Ambassador (photo 2)
Biltmore (photo 1) - Biltmore (photo 2)
Morro Castle
Morro Castle II

See fleet list for brief type descriptions and information on individual aircraft.


Model 50:

An Aeromarine Model 50 at Atlantic City
A view of the Aeromarine Airport on the beach at Atlantic City, N.J., in the summer of 1920 or 1921.
A Model 50 has been driven up on the beach for easy loading.
The big sign says:
"Aero-Marine 20 Passenger Flying Boat
Standard Flights $12.00
New York flights $75.00
Information Tickets Here"
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Model 80:

Aeromarine Model 80
This photo of a Model 80, showing its enclosed passenger compartment, dates to the spring of 1921.
(Photo courtesy of the Keyport Historical Society, Keyport, N.J.)


Model 85:

Aeromarine Model 85 'Miami' with Charles F. Redden behind the camera
Christening of the Miami in the spring of 1921.
Charles Fraser Redden is the man behind the camera; pilot Cyrus J. Zimmermann is holding on to the engine.
Is the gentleman in top hat ex-president Woodrow Wilson?
(Photo courtesy of Robert Fraser Farnsworth)
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Aeromarine Model 85 'Biltmore' at Lake George, NY
The Biltmore in the summer of 1921 at Lake George, NY, with the Adirondack Mountains in the background.
(Photo courtesy of Roy Nagel)

Aeromarine Model 85 'Biltmore' at Lake George, NY
Another view of the Biltmore at Lake George, NY, during the summer of 1921.
(Photo courtesy of Jon Krupnick)

Aeromarine Model 85 'McAlpin'
The McAlpin.
(Photo from the "Aviation" magazine of July 25, 1921)

Aeromarine Model 85 'Ambassador' at Long Beach, NY
The Ambassador at Long Beach on Long Island, NY, either in the summer of 1921 or 1922.
A brochure from the summer of 1921 listed Long Beach as a stop on the airline's "Route No. 3".
(Photo courtesy of Chuck Jacobi)
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Aeromarine Model 85 'Ambassador' in NY passing the 'Lapland'
The Ambassador in New York harbour, passing the Lapland (18,565 grt, 620 ft. long) of the Red Star Line.
In the early 1920s this liner, built in 1909, plied the Atlantic Ocean between New York and Antwerp.
(Photo from the "Aviation and Aircraft Journal" of November 28, 1921)
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Aeromarine Model 85 'Florida'
The couple entering the Florida at Miami in the spring of 1922 are Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Kreisler, the noted violinist of the era.
(Photo courtesy of Richard Allen)
Facts about Fritz Kreisler on the Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia website.

Aeromarine Model 85 'Vanderbilt' with Harry Bruno and Ed Musick
The woman on the Vanderbilt is the French opera star, Madame Sylva.
In 1922 she dropped flowers on the New York’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
The gentleman to the right of her is Aeromarine’s Publicity Director, Harry Bruno,
and standing behind them in the white shirt is Edwin Musick.
(Photo from "Wings Over America" by Harry Bruno, 1942)

Aeromarine Model 85 'Morro Castle' at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
In January 1923 the Morro Castle was shipped to Puerto Rico, did exploration/barnstorming flights there and in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Aeromarine was looking to expand in the Caribbean like Pan American did several years later.
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Aeromarine AMC 'Morro Castle II'
The Morro Castle II, the first metal hull flying boat constructed in the U.S. - a derivative of the USN Curtiss HS2L.
Photo taken early 1924 at Keyport, N.J.
(Photo courtesy of the Keyport Historical Society, Keyport, N.J.)


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