Aeromarine baggage labels

Aeromarine West Indies Airways baggage label, 1920
The only preserved copy of Aeromarine West Indies Airways' baggage label from December 1920 - the world's first.
Removed from an old suitcase in the 1940s, its original background colour was light blue.
(Image from "Nostalgia Panamericana" by Don Thomas, 1987)

Aeromarine West Indies Airways baggage label, 1921
Aeromarine West Indies Airways baggage label, probably early 1921.
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Aeromarine Airways baggage label, 1921
Aeromarine baggage label from the autumn of 1921,
designed by Aeromarine's Publicity Director, Harry Bruno, at Sloppy Joe's bar in Havana.

Aeromarine employees with welcoming party in Cleveland, July 1922
The Aeromarine label shown above is visible on two of the suitcases in this photo.
It was taken on July 14, 1922, at Cleveland on the completion of the first Aeromarine commercial flight from Detroit.
(Photos of Aeromarine aircraft - page 2 shows the Aeromarine flying boats at Cleveland on the day of the inauguration.)
The gentleman at the center with glasses is Glenn Martin, the aircraft designer and manufacturer.
He was in charge of the Welcoming Committee in Cleveland.
Directly to the left of him is Harry Bruno, the next man to the left of Bruno is Walter Hempel,
Aeromarine Airways' Field Representative in Cleveland, and to the left of him is Ed Musick.
To the right of Martin is C.J. Zimmermann and to the right of him is Durston G. Richardson, another Aeromarine pilot.
To the far right is yet another pilot, Wally Culbertson.
(Photo from the "Aviation" magazine of July 24, 1922)
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