Lloyd Sabaudo


Sailings January-December 1930 (issued March 1930)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Conte Grande
Conte Biancamano
Villefranche (occasionally), Genoa, Naples, Gibraltar, New York.
Return voyages: New York, Gibraltar, Naples, Villefranche (several voyages), Genoa.
Conte Rosso
Conte Verde
Genoa, Villefranche, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires.
(No sailings listed for this route.)

Sailings December 1930-December 1931 (issued December 1930) for:
Conte Biancamano, Conte Grande

Ports of call:
New York, Gibraltar, Algiers, Palermo, Naples, Villefranche, Genoa


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