Pacific Argentine Brazil Line
(Operated by Pope & Talbot)


Originally a U.S. Shipping Board line sold to McCormick Steamship Co. in 1927, Pacific Argentine Brazil Line
passed to Pope & Talbot when the latter company took over McCormick during the depression.
McCormick was operated as a subsidiary until dissolved during WW2. Pope & Talbot sold Pacific Argentine Brazil Line
to Moore-McCormack in 1956, which consolidated the line with its own Pacific Republics Line.

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Pacific Argentine Brazil Line (op'd by McCormick Steamship Co.)
Rates & general information sheet (no sailings listed) (effective October 1, 1928; issued February 1929)
Vessel(s) Ports of call

(According to the late 1920s brochure mentioned below, the ships operated by McCormick were Hollywood, West Cactus, West Camargo, West Mahwah, West Nilus, West Notus, West Ivis and West Ira.)

Via Strait of Magellan: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bahia Blanca, Montevideo, Buenos Aires.
Return voyages (via Panama Canal): Buenos Aires, Santos, Bahia, Puerto Colombia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle.
Click to view a Pacific Argentine Brazil Line/McCormick Steamship Co. promotional brochure from the late 1920s with a photo of the West Nilus.

Promotional brochure w/general information & rates (no sailings listed) (undated; c. mid-1950s)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
P&T Trader
P&T Pathfinder
P&T Seafarer
P&T Forester
1) San Francisco, Los Angeles, Curaçao, Puerto Cabello, La Guaira, Port of Spain, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires

2) San Francisco, Vancouver

P&T Explorer
P&T Navigator
San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Juan, "Atlantic Coast" (New York, Baltimore)

See the archives section for more brochures of Pacific Argentine Brazil Line.


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