Manchester Liners

United Kingdom

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Promotional booklet w/general information (no sailings listed) (undated; c. 1936)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Manchester Brigade
Manchester Citizen
Manchester Commerce
Manchester Division
Manchester Exporter
Manchester Hero
Manchester Port
Manchester Producer
Manchester Regiment
Manchester Spinner
1a) Summer:
Manchester, Quebec, Montreal.
Return voyages: Montreal, Manchester.

1b) Winter:
Manchester, Saint John.
Return voyages: Saint John, Halifax, Manchester.

2) Manchester, Saint John and/or Halifax, Baltimore.
Return voyages: Philadelphia, Liverpool.

Promotional brochure/deck plan (no sailings) (undated; c. early 1950s) for:
Manchester Spinner, Manchester City, Manchester Merchant, Manchester Port, Manchester Progress, Manchester Regiment, Manchester Shipper, Manchester Trader

Ports of call:
Manchester, Saint John, Halifax, Montreal, Philadelphia
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