Libera Line
(Navigazione Libera Triestina - NLT)


Sailings August-November 1935 (issued September 10, 1935)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Venice/Trieste, Naples, Leghorn, Genoa, Marseilles, Barcelona, Málaga (optional), Cristobal, La Libertad, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver.
Return voyages: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, La Libertad, Cristobal, Las Palmas, Marseilles, Genoa, Leghorn, Naples.

Brochure with itinerary and descriptions/photos of ships (no sailings) (undated; c. 1936):
Cellina, Fella, Feltre, Leme, Rialto

Ports of call:
Los Angeles, Acajutla, La Libertad, Balboa, Cristobal, Las Palmas, Barcelona, Marseilles, Genoa
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Libera Line fleet information, history etc. on the following website:


On MisterKappa's Italian website there is a postcard of the Feltre.


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