Reederei Hugo Stinnes


Hugo Stinnes Linien
Sailings April-December 1925 (varies with different routes) (issued June 1925)
Vessel(s) Ports of call
General Belgrano
Hamburg, La Coruña/Villagarcia/Vigo, Leixões, Lisbon, Madeira, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires.
(General Belgrano: Omitted Spanish ports and Lisbon on one voyage)
Return voyages: Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Madeira, Lisbon, Vigo, Hamburg.
Ernst Hugo Stinnes Hamburg, Antwerp, Leixões, Natal, Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro

(One outward voyage only; no return voyage listed.)

Hilde Hugo Stinnes
Else Hugo Stinnes
Hamburg, Antwerp, Leixões, Pernambuco, Bahia, Vitória, Rio de Janeiro

(One outward voyage of each ship only; no return voyages listed.)

Otto Hugo Stinnes Hamburg, Antwerp, Leixões, Santos

(One outward voyage only; no return voyage listed.)

Emil Kirdorf
Albert Voegler
Carl Legien
Adolf von Baeyer
Hamburg, Rotterdam, Naples, Port Said, Colombo, Singapore, Miri (Sep and Oct sailings), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kobe, Yokohama.
Return vogages: Yokohama, Kobe?, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Miri, Singapore, Colombo, Port Said, Naples, Rotterdam, Hamburg.
Hamburg, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Port Said, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Moji, Kobe, Yokohama.
Return voyages: Yokohama, Kobe?, Moji?, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Colombo, Port Said, Rotterdam, Hamburg.

(Havenstein: One roundtrip voyage only; Hindenburg: no outward voyage listed; one homeward voyage only)


See the archives section for more brochures of Reederei Hugo Stinnes (including the joint operation Ozean-Stinnes Linien).


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