Far Eastern Shipping Co.
(Far Eastern Steamship Co.)

(at the time of the publication of the brochures shown below; now Russia)

Black Sea/Caspian/Danube/Far Eastern Steamship Companies
Sailings January-December 1969 for:
Armenia, Latvia, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Bashkiria, Adjaria, Litva (Black Sea);
Guriev (Caspian);
Amur, Dunaj, Osetia (Danube);
Baikal, Khabarovsk, Ordzhonikidze (Far Eastern)

Ports of call:
Odessa, Constanta, Varna, Istanbul, Piraeus, Alexandria, Famagusta, Latakia, Beirut;
Odessa, Varna, Piraeus, Brindisi, Split, Venice, Dubrovnik, Yalta, Sochi, Sukhumi, Batumi;
Odessa, Varna, Istanbul, Piraeus, Naples, Genoa, Marseilles, Yalta, Sochi, Sukhumi, Batumi;
Nakhodka, Yokohama, Hong Kong;
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Sailings January-December 1970
Vessel(s) Ports of call
Baikal 1) All-year:
Nakhodka, Yokohama

2) March, September-December:
Nakhodka, Yokohama, Hong Kong

3) May-August:
Nakhodka, Yokohama, Osaka, Hong Kong

Khabarovsk 1) Nakhodka, Yokohama

2) Nakhodka, Yokohama, Hong Kong
(One voyage in November only)

Grigori Ordjonikidze March-September:
Nakhodka, Osaka
Priamurye Cruises March-June:
Nakhodka, Osaka, Tokyo, Nakhodka


See also the shipping in 1971 section.


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