Donaldson Line

United Kingdom

Formed in 1916, Anchor-Donaldson Line was a joint operation between Anchor Line and Donaldson Line.
Renamed Donaldson Atlantic Line in the mid-1930s. Resumed operation as Donaldson Line after WW2.

Cunard White Star Line/Donaldson Atlantic Line
Sailings March-December 1938 (issued March 24, 1938) for:
Queen Mary, Berengaria, Aquitania, Georgic, Britannic, Carinthia, Franconia, Scythia, Laconia, Samaria, Laurentic, Lancastria, Andania, Antonia, Alaunia, Ascania, Aurania, Ausonia (Cunard Line); Letitia, Athenia (Donaldson Atlantic Line)

Ports of call:
New York, Boston, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Greenock, Glasgow, Belfast, Galway, Dublin, Cobh, Liverpool, Plymouth, Cherbourg, Southampton, Le Havre, London

Cunard Line/Donaldson Line
Sailings January-December 1960 (issued August 14, 1959) for:
Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Mauretania, Caronia, Britannic, Sylvania, Carinthia, Ivernia, Saxonia, Parthia, Media (Cunard Line); Laurentia, Lismoria (Donaldson Line)

Ports of call (Cunard Line):
New York, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Greenock, Cobh, Liverpool, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Southampton, London
Ports of call (Donaldson Line):
Montreal, Glasgow


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