to Dobrolet (Aeroflot)

Dobrolet timetable 1930

The mail route between Moscow and Irkutsk, via Kazan, Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), Kurgan, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Nizhne-
udinsk, was opened for passengers in 1931. During 1930 "passengers were conveyed in exceptional circumstances by special permission".

Routes from Irkutsk to Yakutsk and Bodaybo plus Verkhneudinsk (now Ulan-Ude) to the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar).

A total of 17 routes are shown in the timetable, in addition to those above e.g. Moscow-Tashkent, Tashkent-Stalinabad (now Dushanbe),
Tashkent-Kabul, Moscow-Sochi, Moscow-Baku-Tbilisi and Baku-Teheran. All have passenger fares except the Moscow-Irkutsk mail route.

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