to Pennsylvania Airlines (Clifford Ball)

Clifford Ball timetable (undated; c. autumn 1929/winter 1930)

This is basically the same timetable as the other undated c. 1929-30 timetable, though without the May 15, 1930 revision pasted over the original flight times. However, the timetables also differ in this one describing the route from Cleveland to Washington, whereas the other describes it in the opposite direction. Apparently, one was intended for distribution in Cleveland and the other in Washington, with both available in Pittsburgh (one would assume). It can also be assumed that the timetable shown on this page was revised in the same fashion, to make it valid from May 15, 1930.

The Pitcairn Field website shows the Washington to Cleveland variation of this timetable - the original without the revision.

(From the collection of David Duke)

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