To American Line in archives

This brochure was part of a large group of historical maritime documents stolen
from The Mariners' Museum by Lester Weber, the Museum's former Director of Archives,
who had his wife, Lori Childs, sell them on eBay from around 2002 until September 2006.
Read the comprehensive account of the theft on the Virgina Living website.

Over the years I acquired eleven brochures/booklets from Lori Childs (eBay ID: chilesplay).
I only learned of the theft in June 2010 and immediately contacted the Museum, offering to return them
without any conditions. Since January 2011 they are back where they belong.
I urge anyone recalling having dealt with Lori Childs to get in touch with the Museum.
Sadly, there are still thousands of documents unaccounted for.

This page last updated January 21, 2011.