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The Tatsuta Maru (16,975 grt, 584 ft. long) commenced her maiden voyage between Yokohama and
San Francisco in April 1930. The transliteration of her name was changed to Tatuta Maru in 1938.
She became a troop transport for the Japanese Navy in 1941, but ended her days two years later when sunk by a US submarine.
Her sister-ship the Asama Maru was near-identical, whereas a half-sister,
the Chichibu Maru, was slightly larger with only one funnel.
(NYK Line original PC)

Above interior (second class) photos of either the Tatsuta Maru or Asama Maru
are from a NYK Line brochure/deck plan of the twin vessels dated October 1931.
(Back cover below left; front cover has "Asama Maru" instead).
Another NYK Line brochure on the Tatuta Maru describes the vessels as "being of the same dimensions,
are really twin ships with the same style in the general decorations and furnishings
of the public rooms and passenger quarters". (Below right, June 1938)
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