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The Ruys (14,285 grt, 559 ft. long) was put in service by KPM in 1938 together with her sisters Boissevain and Tegelberg.
These ships operated on the Far East-South Africa run, were troop transports during WW2 and transferred in the late 1940s
to the newly-formed Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen, or Royal Interocean Lines.
The route was extended from South Africa to the east coast of South America.
All three ships were broken up in 1968.

The Tjitjalengka (10,972 grt, 476 ft. long) served from 1939 with Java-China-Japan Lijn on a Netherlands Indies-Far East route.
A troop transport and later a hospital ship during WW2, she was transferred to Royal Interocean Lines
in 1947 and put on the same route as the ships above. Like them, she was scrapped in 1968.


The fairly poor quality of the photos above are due to these images being very small and thus heavily enlarged.


The Straat Rio (9,216 grt) was built in 1960, transferred to Nedlloyd in 1977
(renamed Nedlloyd Rio), sold in 1979 and broken up in 1984.

From a July 1962 Royal Interocean Lines promotional brochure (below).

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