To Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Pacific Mail Steamship Co. was acquired by Grace Line in 1916. Pacific Mail also ran a trans-Pacific service with the President liners operated on behalf of the U.S. Shipping Board. When the Shipping Board sold the ships to Dollar Line in the mid-1920s, Grace Line decided to sell the Pacific Mail name and goodwill to Dollar Line. Grace Line then organised Panama Mail Steamship Co. to operate the remaining Pacific Mail routes, the intercoastal route between San Francisco and New York and the local route from San Francisco to several Central American ports as far south as Panama.

Note the apparent similarity between the Pacific Mail brochure on this page and the
Panama Mail brochure from c. 1926 or 1927.
(There is also a Panama Mail brochure from 1925 having exactly the same cover
design as the brochure on this page.)

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