To Lloyd Triestino.
To Marittima Italiana.

The Cracovia and Pilsna (both c. 8,000 grt, c. 440 ft. long) were built in 1920 and 1918 respectively. They became
the Gerusalemme and Galilea in the mid-1930s and were both transferred to Adriatica Line in 1937. The Gerusalemme
was seized by Britain and used as a hosptital ship during WW2. She was scrapped in 1952. When evacuating
Italian troops from Greece, the Galilea was torpedoed and sunk with great loss of life in March 1942.

The Aquileja and Genova (both 7,077 grt, c. 400 ft. long) were built in 1916 and originally the Innsbruck
and Hungaria of Lloyd Austriaco, which became Lloyd Triestino after WW1. Renamed in the early 1920s
and transferred to Marittima Italiana in 1924, they were later back with Lloyd Triestino.
Both became WW2 casualties.

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