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The Iroquois and Shawnee (6,209 grt, 409 ft. long) both entered service in 1927.
For a brief history of the Iroquois see this page.

The Algonquin, Mohawk, Seminole and Cherokee (5,897 grt, 402 ft. long) were all built in 1925-26.
The Mohawk was sunk in 1935 following a collision with a freighter off New Jersey,
while the Cherokee, serving as a troop transport, was torpedoed and sunk in 1942.
Both the Seminole and Algonquin were hospital ships during WW2 and survived to be scrapped during the 1950s.


The photos below could be from any of the Clyde Line ships.

From a c. 1927 Clyde Line booklet promoting the company's new liners (see below).

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