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From 1921 Pacific Steamship Co. (The Admiral Line), through its subsidiary Admiral Oriental Line (initially also using
The Admiral Line brand), operated five of the U.S. Shipping Board's "535-ft." liners on the Seattle-Far East route.
Admiral Oriental Line was acquired by Dollar Line in 1922, and later renamed American Mail Line, becoming a subsidiary of
American President Lines from 1938 when that company was organized to continue the operations of the bankrupt Dollar Line.

The President McKinley (14,123 grt, 535 ft. long) was one of sixteen similar ships built for the U.S. Shipping Board in 1920-21.
Five of them were allocated to Admiral Oriental Line, among them the Keystone State,
renamed President McKinley in 1922. Admiral Oriental bought the five ships in 1926.
A U.S. Navy troop transport during WW2, she was laid up after the war and eventually broken up in 1949.


From a c. 1922 Admiral Line promotional and general information booklet (see below).

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