To Arosa Line.

Thomas A. Weyersberg emigrated to Canada from Germany in 1956.
His start of a new life began with the crossing of the Atlantic on board the Arosa Kulm,
sailing from Bremerhaven on June 27. The photos below are from this trip.

Thomas A. Weyersberg at Le Havre on July 8.
The French luxury liner Liberté in the background.

Le Havre.

The Arosa Kulm's anchor chain.

Crossing the Channel.

Thomas A. Weyersberg with fellow German immigrants.

Life saving drill with Thomas A. Weyersberg in the centre.

Iceberg in the North Atlantic.

Lunch on board on July 19 with Thomas A. Weyersberg at bottom right.
A jolly group of German immigrants.

Vaccination Certificate.

(All photos/images above courtesy of Thomas A. Weyersberg)


The Arosa Kulm (8,929 grt, 436 ft. long) in her later days.
She was completed in 1920 as the troopship Cantigny of the U.S. Army.
In 1923 she was sold to the U.S. Shipping Board becoming the American Banker,
serving on American Merchant Lines' New York-London route until WW2.
After a chequered career under several names (Ville d'Anvers, City of Athens and Protea)
she was sold to Arosa Line in 1952. When the line was declared bankrupt in 1959 she was sold to scrappers.
(Photo from The "Hog Islanders" - The Story of 122 American Ships
by Mark H. Goldberg, North American Maritime Books 1991.)

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