To Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line.


All photos are from a 1930s Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line promotional & general information brochure (see below)

Cover image shows the Largs Bay (14,362 grt, 552 ft. long), one of two (of originally five) "Bay" liners to survive until the end of the line,
scrapped together with the Moreton Bay in 1957. They had been built in 1921 for the Australian Commonwealth Line.
All five liners were bought by the owners of the White Star Line in 1928, and the line reorganised as Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line.
They operated on the U.K.-Australia route throughout their careers.
See this page for postcards and brief histories of the Moreton Bay, Esperance Bay and Hobsons Bay.

Back cover of the brochure. Detail below shows one of the "Bay" liners.


See Wikipedia for a brief history (and link to a website with photos) of the Jervis Bay, the one of the original sisters which was lost in WW2.


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